How to help



We rely on the kindness of donors like you to save animals in need from the Four Corners Native American Reservations.


Monthly Giving


Making regular monthly donations to Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab helps to ensure there is a steady flow of income to use to care for our animals each month. When you make a monthly donation, you help our small staff spend less time on fundraising efforts, and more time enriching the lives of our animals. 

Do you work for a major company or corporation? Ask your employer if they would be willing to match your monthly gift! Many corporations give matching donations to your designated non profit organization!  Make sure to check with your employer and find out if you can double your monthly gift to us! 

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Passive Fundraising


Check out our Amazon Smile program, each eligible purchase made through the SMILE program gives Underdog Rescue a percentage of your sale, at no extra cost to you! 

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Get Involved



If you have extra room in your heart and home, have you considered fostering for Underdog Rescue? If so, apply today! You can help change the life of a dog in need.




Looking for ways to help out animals in need? We have many opportunities available through our volunteer program!


Host a fundraiser!


Are you interested in helping out Underdog Rescue in a big way? Consider hosting a fundraiser for us, reach out to us at and we will help you get started!