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Our Staff & Board

Our staff and board are dedicated and passionate, they work hard every day to ensure a brighter future for Underdogs.

If you'd like to get in touch and are not sure who to contact you can fill out out contact form and the appropriate team member will get back to you.

Our Staff


Katy volunteers a significant portion of her time by helping and guiding the Underdog staff. Contact Katy at

Animal Care Team

This team handles the intake to outcome process for each animal. This process encompasses a significant amount of work, as we hold ourselves to a high standard of care for each and every animal that passes through our rescue. Contact the team at  



Ranch Team

The ranch staff live at our rescue ranch in exchange for taking care of the animals on site. They provide the basic needs such as feeding, watering, and snuggling! 


Clinic Director 

Amber plans and executes our spay/neuter/vaccination clinics on the Navajo Nation. She also manages our Foster and Transfer Programs. Contact Amber at 


Development Director

Veronica handles outreach and fundraising with a focus on ‘big picture’ creative thinking that helps our organization to expand. Contact Veronica at


Grant Manager

Jackie applies to grants and foundations to help fund our lifesaving endeavors. Contact Jackie at


Our Board

  • Katy Gullette, Director of Board
    • With over 30 years of work in Animal Welfare, including many of those years working with highly underserved areas, Katy founded Underdog Rescue in 2017. She brings over 35 years of business experience as well as a deep commitment to helping animals to the Underdog organization.
  • Anne Solle
    • A longtime Moab resident, Anne is an entrepreneur who is passionate about anything she commits to. Her networking skills and willingness to jump in wherever she is needed, are of great benefit to Underdog.
  • Phyllis Meyer-Parthemore
    • An RN for her career who moved to Kanab, Utah for her “retirement job” as the Pharmacy and Puppy Tech for Best Friends Animal Society. With 13 years experience in shelter work, Phyllis brings a wealth of knowledge to Underdog Rescue. She works at almost all of our reservation clinics.
  • Summer Ivins
    • A lifelong animal advocate, Summer also brings years of experience working on the reservations as an RN. Her work connects her with many tribal officials who value her input, which is a benefit to the Underdog mission.
  • Jessica Turquette
    • Co-owner of the Moab Barkery, Jessica brings years of Board experience and animal wellness knowledge to the organization. Well known for her ability to think outside the box in a practical and realistic way, her support of Underdog in the community and on the Board are deeply appreciated.
  • Rhonda Cowern
    • Owner of Moab Physical Therapy, Rhonda uses her connections to adopt out foster dogs from her clinic and network with many people about the work Underdog does. Rhonda is also one of our most committed and active volunteers and fosters. She has brought many people into the Underdog “pack”.