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Help Sponsor Our Spay, Neuter, and Vaccination Efforts

For just $40, you can support the spay/neuter, deworming and vaccination for a dog at our Underdog Rescue clinics on a reservation. You can prevent the spread of diseases and tragic deaths. You can help dogs live longer and healthier lives. You can support our "pack."


Did you know that a single female dog, her mate, and their pups can produce over 67,000 offspring in just 6 years? In 2016, it was estimated there were over 250,000 stray dogs and puppies roaming the Navajo Nation. The number is so high because the majority of dogs are unaltered. The biggest reason these dogs go unaltered is that many Native Americans cannot afford these simple surgeries. Underdog is here to help!

Underdog Rescue and Rehab is committed to addressing affordability and access to spay/neuter surgeries. Each month we aim to host a spay and neuter clinic on the reservation to help with population control. At each clinic, we will alter about 120 dogs and cats. We go to communities that are far from veterinary services with the goal of reducing future unwanted pets.

Underdog Rescue also helps Native communities care for their pets. We frequently receive calls about families feeling overwhelmed by the number of pets they care for and the cost of caring for them. We know the cost of spaying or neutering is less than the cost of feeding a litter of puppies, so the more dogs we can spay and neuter, the more dogs stay in homes that can adequately take care of them without all the unwanted puppies. 

Would you like to sponsor a spay, or an entire spay/neuter clinic? Please email us at  or follow the link below. Underdog Rescue thanks you for your generous contribution to the animals in our care!

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When Underdog Rescue had their first vaccination clinic, 250 people came through in two days. Now they're doing six clinics a year and could hold even more if the money was available. They could be doing this every other weekend and they would have a turn out.

It's obvious the people love their animals and they just need some help.