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Frequently Asked Questions

We know folks are passionate and curious when it comes to our pups, what they're like, and where they come from. Here are some fast facts on some of the questions we commonly receive.

FAQ - dog in desert

Where do you get all of these dogs?

Our rescues come from the Four Corners reservations area that spans Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. We mainly rescue from the Navajo Nation, as it is closest to us in proximity. The Navajo Nation has over 250,000 stray animals that only have a life expectancy of 2 years unless rescued. This is mainly due to poverty and lack of resources in the area. Our dogs and pups are true rescues, meaning that they would most likely not have survived if we did not take them in. Read more about why there are so many strays on the Navajo Nation.

What breed is this dog and how big will it get?

 Our “rez dogs”  are mixed breeds and we can never guarantee their heritage, so we say they “look like” or “have traits like” to give our best estimates. They are typically energetic working breed mixes, but honestly, your guess is as good as ours! The most common ages we see are young puppies to around 2 years old. While most of our dogs tend to be in the medium to large size range once full grown (40-60lbs), we can make no guarantees as far as what a dog's size will be full grown, and we expect adopters to be flexible in their expectations (particularly when adopting a puppy).

What is their behavior like? Is this dog good with kids, cats, and/or potty-trained?

Many questions will be answered in each individual dog's profile from our Adoption section. We don't always have all of this information for each dog, Underdogs are resilient and each unique in their personalities, but the majority of our rescue dogs are good with kids, other dogs, and other animals. Some of them are certainly wary of humans and slow to trust, but the majority of dogs we rescue are quick to forgive and love humans, becoming playful early on and eager to engage.

We've found that Underdogs tend to be very intelligent and trainable. Some may have food aggression from periods of starvation in their past, but this can be simple to manage. They tend to be social with humans and other animals in most cases, and they tend to adjust to home life without too much difficulty in most cases as well. Most puppies will need to be potty-trained by their adopter, while most adult dogs tend to naturally prefer to potty outside and don't often require much potty-training.

How do I adopt an Underdog?

The first step is to complete an adoption application. A team member will be in touch with you within 24 hours of submission to discuss your application.

How much does it cost to adopt an Underdog?

The adoption fee for puppies is $275 and the fee for adults is $175. We do not charge a fee to fill out our adoption applications.

What is included in the adoption fee?

The dog or puppy will be spayed/neutered, current on DHPP vaccinations, dewormer and rabies vaccination depending on age, treated with a tick/flea medicine, given anti-parasitic medicine, and have a microchip already implanted that is free for the adopter to register. Adopters also receive access to a free 30-day trial of pet health insurance. Underdog Rescue does not profit from our adoption fees; these fees are a contribution toward the medical costs for our rescues.

Can I adopt from out-of-state?

Yes, as long as you're able to come to Moab or one of our adoption events to pick up the dog in a timely manner.

Where is your rescue ranch located?

Our rescue ranch is located at 4561 Sunny Acres Lane in Moab, Utah.

What are your hours of operation, and do I need to make an appointment to visit the dogs?

We are open from 9 AM-5 PM and you do not need to make an appointment to visit the dogs, but it is appreciated! We accept walk-ins for meet and greets, these typically last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on if the visitor decides to adopt.

Can I put an animal on 'hold' until I'm ready to meet them or pick them up?

We will not put animals on hold for meet and greets. We will hold an animal for the adopter to pick up for up to 48 hours. We will not hold an animal longer than 48 hours, as we are not certified as a boarding facility, and our goal is to send our rescues to good homes as soon as possible. We always have a long list of intake requests that need our help!

What can I do to help support Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab?

We always need more fosters and volunteers! There are many ways you can help Underdog depending on your skill set and preferences, from remote computer work to on-site animal interaction or even joining the crew for a spay and neuter clinic. You can make a monetary or in-kind donation, and there are also many free ways to support Underdog Rescue. Check out all the ways you can help an Underdog.