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We rely on the kindness of donors like you to save, provide medical services, and find homes for animals in need from the Four Corners Native American Reservations.


While every donation is welcome and matters to us, making regular monthly donations through our Recurring Rescuers Program helps to ensure there is a steady flow of income to care for our animals each month. When you make a monthly donation, you help our small staff spend less time on fundraising efforts, and more time enriching the lives of our animals. You become an Underdog Guardian. 

Join our Recurring Rescuers Program and become an Underdog Guardian by giving monthly. We appreciate your contribution to our mission.

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Other Ways to Give (In-Kind Donations)

In addition to contributing monetary donations, you can support Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab by donating supplies or other items, or even through no-cost ways to help like Amazon Smile. Check out our Amazon Wish List, the link below has a list that we continually update with things we need to make our rescue and mission a success! Take a look below at many of the different ways to help out our Underdogs.

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Prefer to donate through a familiar platform use the QR code or use or username @moabunderdog to donate now! 

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Prefer to have your dog supplies and food delivered to your door? Sign up for Chewy using the link above and Underdog Rescue will get $15! There are other ways to support our rescue to via Chewy too!

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Kroger Community Rewards Program

Connect your Kroger (Smith's, King Sooper's, City Market, etc.) Loyalty Card to Underdog Rescue and for each dollar you spend, Underdog benefits!

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Download the WoofTrax app to support Underdog Rescue with each walk you take! WoofTrax donates to our rescue for each active user.

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Prefer a familiar platform to donate? Use venmo to donate to Underdog! Use the QR code or our username @underdogrescuemoab 

I have always had ‘rez’ dogs but had no idea the depth of the stray animal population in the Four Corners reservations. I quickly fell in love with Underdog Rescue and their efforts to bring low cost spay and neuter and donation-based vaccines to these underserved areas.