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An Underdog's Journey

The road to adoption can be ruff! Each Underdog’s experience is unique. While we don’t always have the full history for each dog, we know many of them experience hardship before they come to us. Underdogs learn many new skills on the way to finding their new homes.Here are some of the steps along the way.

Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab is contacted about a dog relinquished by an owner or a stray found by reservation locals or tourists.
Underdog Rescue works with volunteers and other partners to coordinate transporting the dogs to our ranch.
The Underdog arrives at the Rescue Ranch and receives vaccination and dewormer. They then go to the vet for a spay or neuter along with any additional medical treatment.
The Underdogs get rehabilitated spending time at our ranch, receiving love and training to come out of their shell and address any behavioral issues.
Underdogs may attend a few adoption events in the region before finding the right fit for them.
The Underdog gets adopted to their forever home, on their way to a new adventure where they can share love and companionship!


Ways to Help Adopt an Underdog

There are five animal control shelters in the region, and every single one of them euthanizes each Friday. Underdog is there at the last minute, the last second — they're organizing and coordinating.

One day we got a call about three-day old puppies that were lying on a concrete floor without their mom. Our volunteer just got in the car and drove. She didn’t even think about, she said, “I'm gonna go get those puppies.”